Why Us?

The 1 stop shop for all your flooring needs

We’ve been in the business for far too long to resort to gimmicks and marketing hype. Our customers are smart enough not to fall for empty sales talk and obviously, anyone (even those with minimal knowledge about carpet and flooring) instinctively know what level of service they should be getting. In terms of pricing, we provide detailed quotations so that you have no doubt whatsoever that you are getting your money’s worth. As for hidden charges and those annoying surprises, you can rest assured everything will be discussed in full and agreed upon prior to confirmation of your order.

Our reputation is riding on…

Delivering customer satisfaction! And this is why beyond offering a wide range of carpet and flooring products, we also give professional advice, unbeatable after sales service, and no obligation/free estimates. You can visit any of our showrooms and we’ll gladly assist you in finding the best floor covering for your home or office.

As a full-service carpet and flooring company, we understand that taking care of customers ensures our continued success. We do our best in providing topnotch customer service, offering competitive prices, and giving the best flooring solutions for different flooring needs. Every project that we handle is given full attention from the initial consultation to the completion of the job. We give our customers what they want, when they need it to be done, and at prices that don’t make them wish they have chosen an independent contractor.

More reasons to choose us

One thing that distinguishes us from our competitors is that we don’t just claim to be flooring experts. We own it because we’re not just your run of the mill hardware store. Our carpet and flooring stores in Los Angeles, Covina, and Bernardino carry flooring solutions that are perfect for most, if not all redecorating or renovating needs.

We can’t say enough about our team but you will know this firsthand when you experience customer service that covers advice on the latest design trends, information on warranties, and lots more. Our many years of experience and roster of satisfied clients are proofs that you will be entitled to a level of service and attention that you probably won’t get anywhere else. You come to us with quality and affordability in mind, and we do our best to deliver on every promise that we make. That, in a nutshell is everything that L&S Carpet and Flooring’s all about.