Carpet Calculator

carpet calculatorBecause carpet shopping is not like getting a new vase or a new table runner, you need to get at least a rough estimate of how much carpet you will need in order to avoid additional expenses. A common mistake homeowners make when undertaking a flooring project is measuring their carpet needs by themselves and doing it wrong. This, of course, ends up with the homeowner spending more money than necessary – money, which could have been used for other items such as new furniture, table accents, draperies, and so on.

Unfortunately, it takes more than a tape measure and a calculator to get an accurate measurement of a room’s or rooms’ carpet requirements. Pros can wing it using just the barest of tools but of course they know the ins and outs of carpet installation and have the skill and the experience to pull it off. Needless to say, carpet and flooring experts do not just note down the length or width of a space that needs to be carpeted. They also consider the direction of the nap, pattern match or pattern repeat, seams, limiting waste, and room yardage chart.

Now, if you do not specialize in carpet and flooring matters, that’s fine, especially if all you are after is a simple estimate of your carpeting requirement. You can use our carpet calculator below to check if your flooring project will exceed your set budget. Our carpet calculator automatically accounts for room irregularities by adding ten percent to your total. The extra carpet (additional ten percent) can be used for those areas where cutting, seaming, and pattern repeats are needed.

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