Area Rugs

L&S Area Rugs Service

When you want to define a particular space in your home or office, an area rug can make quite a huge difference.

When it comes to area rugs, quality will always beat quantity. We offer all kinds of area rugs including Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, contemporary style rugs, Flokati rugs, shag and braided area rugs, and lots more. Our stores carry area rugs in all shapes, materials, styles, and designs so you can find the perfect rugs to suit your needs.

Before buying an area rug…

…consider the style, look, and feel that you’re going for. We can then advise you on the type of material to use – the area rugs that will go well with your existing furniture or furnishings or those that can personalize or even create a theme for the whole room.

Whether you are decorating for a contemporary home or an office space, we have plenty of area rugs to choose from. No matter which design you prefer, our area rugs can fit any budget and decorating requirements.

Decorating with area rugs

Selecting and buying area rugs can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Let us help you by listing down the features that you should look into before investing in floor rugs.

  • Mood. Choosing colorful or artistic rugs says a lot about the type of mood you want to put yourself or your guests in. So when you need to bring out a room’s unique character, you can turn to us for options, as well as advice on how to best utilize area rugs for a specific environment.
  • Comfort. Don’t get us wrong, floor tiles or a hardwood floor is nice but when you want something cozy for your bare or covered feet, rugs are definitely the way to go. Area rugs are also good for creating that feeling of warmth and snugness – great for you and your guests.
  • Safety. One of the best things about area rugs is that they could help protect against injury, especially if there are young children or seniors in the home. By providing a stable walking surface, area rugs can also guard against chair slides and unwanted furniture movement when they are placed under sofas, tables, and chairs.

We have area rugs of different designs, materials, weave type, color, and size, so you are sure to come home with a rug that’s easy on the pocket and perfect for the space you’re using it for.

Call us today so we can find an area rug that fits your decorating needs.